Semiconwell manufactures passive network components, integrated active and passive devices, resistor networks, capacitor networks, schottky and zener diode networks, and npn, pnp transistors arrays that perform the following functions: series and parallel linear and nonlinear GTL, AC, Diode, Thevenin termination networks, precision thin film resistor capacitor networks (RC networks), isolated, bussed resistor networks including zero ohms jumper arrays, voltage divider networks, resistor networks for audio applications, EMI, RFI and ESD zener clamped diodes and transient voltage suppressors networks, EMI/RFI filter networks and clock terminations. Semiconwell's proprietary semiconductor technology, advanced thin films processes, in house assembly and packaging technologies allow manufacturing of flip chip CSP chip scale and MLF molded lead frame surface mount integrated passive networks that include unprecedented large capacitors >1microfarad (1µF) and giga ohms resistors (GW).


Integrated Passive Networks

SWBCCx Bit Series is N bit binary chip capacitor that is designed to facilitate bread-boarding or to use where a trimming capability is required. By connecting the pads in parallel the capacitance values are additive, so many combinations are possible. The SWBCCx Bit of binary chip capacitors are designed to be used as RF bypass, DC blocks, coupling filter elements and microwave circuit resonant elements. When used as resonant elements in oscillators, Q has to be as high as possible while the temperature coefficient has to be as small as possible. Semiconwell’ advanced semiconductor and thin film technologies allow for an important reduction of the series resistance DCR which is increasing the SRF of the capacitor. High quality dielectrics with low loss factors translates into an increased Q. These devices can be used over the full military temperature range -55°C to +125°C. Quality and workmanship is per MIL-S-883. Devices are 100% tested, visual inspected and packaged in waffle packs. The SWBCC series of binary chip capacitors are manufactured on silicon substrate and designed to satisfy the requirements of prototype development and circuit trimming in hybrid packages through selective wire-bonding. SWBCC7 Bit Series has Pads bonding pads allowing the user to select specified increments and a wide range of values. The desired capacitance value is obtained by bonding gold wires to the appropriate pads. This binary chip capacitor can also be used as a single capacitor with maximum value C=C1+C2+C3+C4+C5+C6+C7. Custom designs are available upon request.


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