Semiconwell manufactures passive network components, integrated active and passive devices, resistor networks, capacitor networks, schottky and zener diode networks, and npn, pnp transistors arrays that perform the following functions: series and parallel linear and nonlinear GTL, AC, Diode, Thevenin termination networks, precision thin film resistor capacitor networks (RC networks), isolated, bussed resistor networks including zero ohms jumper arrays, voltage divider networks, resistor networks for audio applications, EMI, RFI and ESD zener clamped diodes and transient voltage suppressors networks, EMI/RFI filter networks and clock terminations. Semiconwell's proprietary semiconductor technology, advanced thin films processes, in house assembly and packaging technologies allow manufacturing of flip chip CSP chip scale and MLF molded lead frame surface mount integrated passive networks that include unprecedented large capacitors >1microfarad (1µF) and giga ohms resistors (GW).


Integrated Passive Networks
SWPIESD201 ESD Protected Analog PI Filter 2 Channels Speaker 
SWPIESD202 ESD Protected Analog PI Filter 2 Channels Microphone 
SWPIESD204 ESD Protected Analog PI Filter 4 Channels Audio 

ESD Protected Analog PI Filter Multiple Channels SWPIESD-20X X channels of EMI filtering Pi-style EMI filters in a capacitor-resistor-capacitor (C-R-C) network Greater than 40dB attenuation at 1GHz +8kV ESD protection on each channel (IEC 61000-4-2 Level 4, contact discharge) +15kV ESD protection on each channel (HBM) Supports bipolar signals—ideal for audio applications EMI filtering and ESD protection for headset microphone ports Wireless Handsets Wireless Handsets Handheld PCs / PDAs MP3 Players, Notebooks, Desktop PCs, Digital Camcorders SWPIESD-20X is a dual low-pass filter array integrating four pi-style filters (C-R-C) that reduce EMI/RFI emissions while at the same time providing ESD protection. This device is custom-designed to interface with a microphone port on a cellular telephone or similar device.Each high quality filter provides more than 35dB attenuation in the 800-2700 MHz range. These pi-style filters support bidirectional filtering, controlling EMI both to and from the speaker elements. They also support bipolar signals, enabling audio signals to pass through without distortion. In addition, the SWPIESD-20X provides a very high level of protection for sensitive electronic components that may be subject to electrostatic discharge (ESD). The input pins are designed and characterized to safely dissipate ESD strikes of 8kV, the maximum requirement of the IEC 61000-4-2 international standard. Using the MIL-STD-883 (Method 3015) specification for Human Body Model (HBM) ESD, the device provides protection for contact discharges to greater than 15kV. The SWPIESD-20X is particularly well suited for portable electronics (e.g., cellular telephones, PDAs, notebook computers) because of its small package format and low weight.


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