Semiconwell manufactures passive network components, integrated active and passive devices, resistor networks, capacitor networks, schottky and zener diode networks, and npn, pnp transistors arrays that perform the following functions: series and parallel linear and nonlinear GTL, AC, Diode, Thevenin termination networks, precision thin film resistor capacitor networks (RC networks), isolated, bussed resistor networks including zero ohms jumper arrays, voltage divider networks, resistor networks for audio applications, EMI, RFI and ESD zener clamped diodes and transient voltage suppressors networks, EMI/RFI filter networks and clock terminations. Semiconwell's proprietary semiconductor technology, advanced thin films processes, in house assembly and packaging technologies allow manufacturing of flip chip CSP chip scale and MLF molded lead frame surface mount integrated passive networks that include unprecedented large capacitors >1microfarad (1µF) and giga ohms resistors (GW).

Integrated Passive Networks  
Semiconwell processes are maintained by a custom on line runtraveller system that allows real time lot trace ability and work in process management. Statistic process control and a Zero Defects program assure constant improvements in product quality. Semiconwell facilities are MIL-I-45208 compliant. All products are 100% inspected to exceed MIL-STD-883.

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