PACR6G is same as SEMICONWELL - SWR6G/Rxxx HIGH PERFORMANCE BUSS TERMINATION NETWORK pin compatible with PACR6G THIN FILM RESISTOR NETWORKS. SWR6G/Rxxx High performance buss  termination network SWR6G/Rxxx  is pin compatible with PACR6G Specially applicable for Pentium or P6-class computer/servers 12 terminating lines/package Center ground pin placement reduces ground bounce High speed termination network. Saves board space and reduces assembly cost. Parallel terminations Pull up / Pull down resistors GTL/ECL logic The SWRG series are used by systems based on high-speed microprocessors like Intel i486® , Intel Pentium/P6® , Apple PowerPC and other RISC. These products are integrated thin film resistor-networks that are designed to suppress transmission line effects on high-speed data lines. The RG series solution improves performance and reduces assembly cost on passive components. These products are manufactured using advanced thin film technologies including ultra-stable and self passivating Tantalum Nitride resistors and gold interconnect metalization to achieve excellent uniformity, performance and reliability. In die form, these products are ideal for hybrid and multichip module applications. In packaged form, these products are the best solution where space and weight are a concern.

Integrated Passive Networks

Highly integrated bus termination network
1% absolute tolerance terminations
Ultra-low crosstalk
12 terminating lines in QSOP package
Saves board space and improves system reliability
Reduces assembly cost and rework
Pentium ® Pro servers & desktop systems
Engineering workstations
Embedded processor systems
GTL, ECL, NTL, HSTL terminator

High speed microprocessors like Intel’s Pentium ® Pro Processor, demand unique, high speed bus termination schemes. The SWR6G series network provides 12 terminations per package. Four termination resistor values are available. The 47, 50 and 56 ohm terminations are suitable for use with the Intel server chip set and the 68 ohm termination is suitable for use with the Intel desktop chip set. The tight resistor tolerance minimizes noise contribution from termination mismatching. The SWR6G network offers high performance, high reliability, and low cost through manufacturing efficiency. It meets or exceeds all Intel specifications for termination performance and provides an additional degree of system noise margin. The termination resistor elements are fabricated using state-of-the-art thin film manufacturing. This highly integrated solution is silicon-based and has the same reliability characteristics as any of today’s microprocessor products. The thin film resistors have excellent stability over temperature, over applied voltage, and over product life. In addition, the QSOP industry standard packaging is easy to handle in manufacturing and provides interconnect reliability — on par with other common semiconductor components — and far better than traditional thick film-based chip products.

Integrated passive networks are manufactured using advanced thin film technologies including ultra -stable and self passivating Tantalum Nitride resistors, gold interconnect metallization and reliable MNOS capacitors to achieve excellent uniformity, performance and reliability. Thin film resistor technology is the preferred solution for all applications that require low noise, long term stability and excellent performance at very high frequencies. Semiconwell employs proprietary thin film technologies for deposition of a wide range of sheet resistance films from 1 Ω/sq to 10,000 Ω/sq. All Semiconwell's products are available in die form and as KGD, known good die and are ideal for high reliability hybrid and multi chip module applications. Besides thin film resistors, Semiconwell integrates capacitors, Schottky diodes, Zener diodes and transistors. Integrated passive and active networks are manufactured using Semiconwell's in house high reliability semiconductor manufacturing processes. All semiconductor devices employ precision doping via ion implantation, silicon nitride junction passivation, platinum silicided contacts and gold interconnect metallization for best performance and reliability. MNOS capacitors and Tantalum Nitride resistors are easily integrated with Schottky diodes to provide complete standard and custom RCD solutions. In die form, these products are ideal for hybrid and multi chip module applications. In packaged form, these products are the best solution where space and weight are a concern.

Capacitance [pF] Tolerance q [%] Power Rating [mW]
<5pF 1 100 mW@70°C

Stresses beyond listed absolute maximum ratings may cause permanent damage to the device.

Substrate Thickness (mils) Die size (mils) Bonding pads Backside metal
SiO2 / Silicon 10±2 90 x 60 ±3 4x4 mils, 3mm thick, 99.99% electroplated gold with a TiW barrier Au/Si compatible with eutectic and conductive epoxy die attach.
All Semiconwell products are available in die form for chip and wire hybrid circuits and multi chip modules applications. Typical delivery for standard die products is 3-4 weeks ARO. For Chip Scale Packaged (CSP) devices consult factory for an update on availability of certain products.

The bonding pads of the resistors are 3µm thick, 99.99% electroplated gold with a TiW barrier that withstands 30 min at 400°C in air without loss of adhesion. Resistive material is ultra stable TaN with low TCR <75ppm/°C typical. For Rsq<10Ω/sq and Rsq>500Ω/sq, the resistive material is proprietary. Power rating/resistor max 100mW for R<1KΩ and 25mW for R>1KΩ. Standard tolerance is ±5%. Backside of the die is metallized with standard Si/Au compatible with eutectic and epoxy die attach. Custom metallizations are available upon special request for die products only.

layout schematic
Vss=die backside


R(Ω) ± 1% R  CODE SOIC-16 QSOP-16 TSSOP-16 BARE DIE-16
47 470 SWR6G/R470-16SO SWR6G/R470-16QS SWR6G/R470-16TS SWR6G/R470-16BD
50 500 SWR6G/R500-16SO SWR6G/R500-16QS SWR6G/R500-16TS SWR6G/R500-16BD
56 560 SWR6G/R560-16SO SWR6G/R560-16QS SWR6G/R560-16TS SWR6G/R560-16BD
68 680 SWR6G/R680-16SO SWR6G/R680-16QS SWR6G/R680-16TS SWR6G/R680-16BD

SWR6G/RCODE-10%   5,000pc -16SO   -16QS   -16TS   -16BD  
SWR6G/RCODE-10% 10,000pc -16SO   -16QS   -16TS   -16BD  
SWR6G/RCODE-5%      5,000pc -16SO   -16QS   -16TS   -16BD  
SWR6G/RCODE-5%    10,000pc -16SO   -16QS   -16TS   -16BD  
SWR6G/RCODE-1%      5,000pc -16SO   -16QS   -16TS   -16BD  
SWR6G/RCODE-1%    10,000pc -16SO   -16QS   -16TS   -16BD  
For custom products sold as bare tested die or known good die KGD, minimum order is 5000pc. Dice are 100% functional tested, visual inspected and shipped in antistatic waffle packs. For special die level KGD requirements, different packaging or custom configurations, contact

Semiconwell P/N Quantity E-mail    

Delivery for packaged Resistor networks standard products is 4-6 weeks ARO. Certain items may be available from stock. For standard products available from stock, there is a minimum line item order of $250.0. Inventory is periodically updated. For 2500pc or larger orders, all surface mount packaged devices are shipped in tape on reel (T/R). For smaller quantities, it may vary. Samples are available only for customers that have issued firm orders pending qualification of product in a particular application. On line Orders have to be verified, accepted and acknowledged by Semiconwell sales department in writing before, becoming non cancelable binding contracts.

Semiconwell guarantees continuous supply and availability of any of it's standard products provided minimum order quantities are met.

SEMICONWELL has made every effort to have this information as accurate as possible. However, no responsibility is assumed by SEMICONWELL for its use, nor for any infringements of rights of third parties which may result from its use. SEMICONWELL reserves the right to revise the content or modify its product line without prior notice. SEMICONWELL products are not authorized for and should not be used within support systems which are intended for surgical implants into the body, to support or sustain life, in aircraft, space equipment, submarine, or nuclear facility applications without the specific written consent.

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